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Having a website made is something you probably will not do every day or that you do this yourself. Because the appearance and the user-friendliness of your website are essential for the image visitors have of you or your company, it is wise to call in a professional web designer.

A good-looking, well-functioning website leaves a good impression and provides more response. And, not to mention, the visitor comes back again.

Your website is built search engine friendly. What do you ultimately have on a beautiful website if it is not found in a search engine, for example Google.

In addition, the contact form will receive a captcha so that you do not receive spam and unnecessary e-mails.

CMS Website

CMS is a Content Management System. This means that the website is built directly in an internet environment. This has advantages because "what you see is what you get", as well as the client you can follow the process behind your own PC, laptop or tablet. In addition, it is easy to maintain the website yourself, provided you have time for this. Of course, outsourcing maintenance is also possible.

Our websites are mainly Joomla! built. Joomla! works like any other CMS with templates. This can be a standard build-in template, which can be adapted to your taste to a limited extent. We mainly work with "ready-made" templates that can be completed according to your wishes. In addition, more advanced web techniques such as forms, slideshows, photo albums, google maps, Youtube, social media or for example a bilingual website can be chosen.

HTML Website

It is also possible to have a website made in HTML. Adobe Dreamweaver is used for this. It is a nice program with lots of possibilities, but it requires the necessary knowledge and is difficult to maintain yourself.


We can advise you in your choice about web hosting and domain registration.