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Do it yourself or have it done

It is sometimes a difficult consideration where knowledge, time and costs play a role. If a website is written in HTML, it is sometimes cheaper to outsource the maintenance for your website.

Website maintenance should be simple, but in practice many people run into problems. For example, you have a small change but you do not know how you get it on the website or ... you simply do not have time for it.

You need the right knowledge to deal with HTML. I can help you with the maintenance of your website by choosing the right maintenance contract. Go to Web Maintenance Pricing.

Maintenance CMS website

Even if you have a CMS website and you do not have the time and / or desire to do the maintenance yourself, we can be of service to you.

Internetty Webdesign performs the changes to your website quickly and efficiently. You send your changes and / or additions in the form of texts (Word), images (JPG or PNG), forms, etc. by e-mail and we process it. The processing time is a maximum of 5 working days.


No Maintenance contract

Do you not have a maintenance contract or do you not want a maintenance contract? No problem. Even if you choose not to subscribe, but do want to have maintenance carried out on your website, then this is possible. The price depends on your wishes. Also go to Web Maintenance Pricing for this.